What is legal translations?

The characteristics of legal translation are what has built this service. One can ask themselves, what is legal translation? It is a translation that deals with texts within the realm of the law. This service adequately covers different areas that include, contracts and agreements, property labels, articles of incorporation, witness statements, depositions, patents, litigation documents, court orders, and immigration documents. A translated legal document should entail the exact information as the original one. As mistranslation of a document could result in disastrous consequences, such as financial or lawsuits losses.

Characteristics of legal translation.

Who translates legal documents?

Legal documents are translated by professional legal translators. A legal translator is a linguist with expertise in the legal field. The translator could be someone who is educated, has experience in the legal industry, and who is familiar with legal terminologies. This kind of translator will be able to provide accurate and quality translations. These kind of services are conducted by translators who are aware of the cultural, social and linguistic equivalence of the languages they offer services in.

Why do people seek legal translation?

The very same way that you want a medical experts to translate your cancer related medical records, you also want a tax specialist to translate your tax documents. Also in this instance, you will need a translators that is familiar with the current legislation of the country, as laws are constantly being written and modified. Also unique vocabulary is used in every legal specialization.

People who find themselves in need of legal translations should always contract reputable professional language experts to translate their legal content. The client should be informed about the level of specialized subject matter expertise the translator or translation company has. They should also know of the years of experience and certifications.

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Qualities of legal translators.

As legal systems, rights and regulations vary across countries and cultures and they change over time, translators are expected to have thorough understanding of the legal system in each respective country they offer services to. Legal translators are expected to have thorough knowledge of the subject matter and the target language. Hence they usually start off with general translation projects, in order to familiarize themselves with the industry and for experience purposes.

One of the qualities of legal translators is that they are expected to master language proficiency. It is one of the characteristics of legal translation. The allocation of native language speaker is of necessity in this instance, as this will results in a successful translation. Legal translators have to be impartial, so that they can translate a document without indicating their personal opinions or feelings with regards to the translation.

Spectrum of legal translation.

Under the characteristics of legal translations we find the spectrum of legal translation. Legal translation services are required by a range of different industries, ranging from technology and media to finance, life sciences and manufacturing. Legal translators can possibly specialize in different areas of law, such as banking and finance law, commercial law, corporate law, family law, criminal law, public law, and media law. In all different spectrums that legal translation has, the translators must always keep in mind that every phrase, hidden meaning and nuance should be kept as accurate as possible.


Where to find legal translators in South Africa?

There are many companies and individuals who claim to fervently offer this service. The above mentioned qualities of legal translators will indicate whether the individual or translation company uphold the characteristics of legal translation. They will also indicate if they will be able to offer quality service. The translator or translation company should be familiar with the terms, jargon and lingo that is used in the legal field.

However, also bear in mind that, it is not just written documents that require legal translation though – the attendance of an interpreter in a court-room for example could also be required in some cases. Professional language experts also offer court interpreting, in an instance where clients contact them with regard to this service. It is also important to consider that all law firms have different practice areas such as banking, dispute resolution, employment and benefits, insurance, intellectual property, private equity, real estate and litigation.

Language professionals that uphold characteristics of legal translation.

Afrikaans translation is fully capable of providing you with professional legal translations. We have a team of Afrikaans and English native-speaking legal translation experts who specialize in different areas of legal translation. Afrikaans translation has been offering Afrikaans translation services for legal documents, websites, financial reports and a lot more for over a decade now. We are on the top list of legal translators in South Africa. Our translators offer a complete array of legal translation services. Afrikaans translations has the best legal translators one could ever ask for. We assure you that we see to it that our legal translations are accurate and pass strict quality control procedure. We provide only high quality legal translations.

If you have any questions you’d like to discuss, please give us a call on 012 348 3134. Alternatively, send us an email to info@afrikaanstranslation.co.za and a member of our friendly team will get back to you.

Characteristics of legal translation
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