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As engineers figure out how almost everything works and infuse practical use for scientific discoveries on them. Our Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators, experts in the engineering/technical field of work use the great  techniques in translating technical innovations. We are a Johannesburg Afrikaans translation company that is immensely experienced in technical translation. We have been fervently and diligently translating technical documents for years, while considering the accurate meaning of the translated document.

As Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators’, our main goals is seeing to it that we provide exceptional technical translation services, by carefully allocating learned translators for every translation service that our clients are in need of. We are a certified translation service company that has been offering the most time efficient technical documents translation services for years, in consideration of the client’s instructions in order to offer the best services that any client could ever ask for.

Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators-Johannesburg,Capetown, Durban,Pretoria..

Johannesburg-Afrikaans Technical translation uncomplicated

Engineering translation is one of the most complicated translation services and it requires precision and most of all understanding of the subject that the translator is working on. Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators are quite familiar with the ins and outs of the engineering industry, which means that they have insights on the subject that has been assigned to them and they give precise translation. Slight inaccuracy in a translated documents will cost both the client and the translation company a great deal, hence we make sure that we appoint key experts for every translations service that our clients’ need. Providing satisfactory services, is what keeps us going, as the Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators and it is most certainly what keeps our clients returning for more services.

Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators- translation services we conduct

  • Equipment manuals
  • Installation manuals
  • Safety manuals
  • Data sheets
  • Technical drawings and specifications
  • Technical reports
  • Operational manuals
  • Plans

The origin of the Afrikaans language

The Afrikaans language originates from Holland, it is vernacular of the Dutch language and it is spoken in the South of Holland. South African Afrikaans was formed by the Dutch and the French settlers in Capetown, during the 17th century. The language was formally recognized as a separate language to Dutch in the 19th century, it was officiated as a formal language in 1925. The Afrikaans language is also spoken in Namibia, Swaziland, Malawi, Zambia, Botswana and Lesotho.

It is estimated that the number of Afrikaans speaking people is 7.1 million but the numbers have said to be decreasing. The Afrikaans language has several dialects which developed due to contact with different foreign groups and other indigenous languages. The dialects are namely:

  • The East Cape Afrikaans-this dialect is said to have evolved due to the interaction of the Dutch and English settlers and the Xhosa tribes of Southern Eastern Cape areas.
  • Cape Afrikaans- was regulated from the Malay slaves that were brought in to work on a sugar plantation, who spoke Portuguese pidgin.
  • Orange River Afrikaans- was regulated from the Khoi language.

Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators-Johannesburg,Capetown, Durban,Pretoria

Afrikaans translation prioritizes to assist you translate your engineering quick and with the best quality you could ever ask for. Our unprecedented commitment to quality tops any other in the industry; hence we remain the best in the field. We make sure that our language proficiency and expertise assist you in any language issue that you may come across. Johannesburg Afrikaans engineering translators make even the most complicated translations easy and fun. Allow us to help you connect with all the potential clients that you would like to venture in business with in your own language.

Additional translations services we provide

  • Government documents
  • Litigations
  • Court documents
  • Manuals
  • Brochures
  • Technical documents
  • Research
  • Engineering documents
  • Handbooks
  • Contracts

If you have any questions you’d like to discuss, please give us a call on 012 348 3134. Alternatively, send us an email to and a member of our friendly team will get back to you.

Afrikaans engineering translators in Johannesburg
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