What happens if you happen to lose your matric certificate? Perhaps it was stolen or it was probably lost during a move or you forgot you where placed it. Or you re-wrote some of your matric subjects and want to combine your marks. Therefore are in need of a new one. There’s no need to panic, the process is easy to follow and this article is here to guide you through it. So how can you reprint a matric certificate or possibly get another copy? In order to get a reprint you can either register at www.eservices.gov.za and apply online or visit your nearest Department of Education where they’ll help you. Below are detailed steps which can be taken to reprint a matric certificate. 

Steps to reprint a matric certificate

  • A completed application form

How to reprint the Matric certificate-johannesburg-capetown-durban-2023You need to fill out and complete the application form which can be retrieved from the National Department of Basic Education’s website or at any of the Departments of Education. You must make sure that you fill in the application form correctly and make sure it’s completed. The year the qualification was obtained should be specified, together with your names and surname and if possible the name of the school you attended.

You can apply for a reprint of your matric certificate at any of the Department of Education in any province, regardless of where you wrote your matric. For instance, if you wrote your matric in Limpopo, you can apply for a reprint of a matric certificate at the Department of Education in Gauteng.

  • An Affidavit

Your application for a reprint of a matric certificate must be accompanied by a signed and stamped affidavit, which you can get at the police station. This affidavit should state why you need a reprint of a matric certificate, it could be that it was misplaced, damaged or stolen. 

  • Certified Copy of Identity Document

A certified copy of your Identity Document is also needed. This can be done at the police station or the at an attorney’s office at no cost.

  • Proof of Payment of administration fee

How to reprint the Matric certificate-randburg-pretoria-capetown-durban-2023For you to be issued a new matric certificate, you need to pay an administration fee. The fee to reprint a matric certificate is R153. Your application must be accompanied with proof of this payment.

The application with all the necessary documents can either be sent online. In order to do this you can go to www.eservices.gov.za and register as a user before you can submit. You will then submit your application with all the required documents through the e-Matric e-Re-Issue online service. You can go submit the documents yourself at any of the Departments of Education as well.

Waiting process

The processing time to reprint a matric certificate isn’t a one-day process rather it can take about a week to six weeks normally. You can also keep track of your application by using the reference number you were given during your online application. If you matriculated before 1992 and want to reprint a matric certificate you can request it at any of the Departments of education using the same process. The certificate won’t be printed by Umalusi, rather it would be printed by the relevant Assessment Body. The processing time is around a week to three weeks. Before you go collect your matric certificate after reprint, make sure that it has been delivered first. You can do that by contacting the following number: 012 357 4511/13. 

Authentication of the matric certificate

How-do-I-apply-for-a-lost-matric-certificate-online-pretoria-johannesburg-capetownOnce the reprinted matric certificate is issued it replaces the previous one. Meaning if you find your lost matric certificate it will be considered invalid since it was replaced. Umalausi is the one that prints all the certificates and has been doing that since 1992. It has all the recorded database regarding a person’s matric results.

The features that appear on the matric certificate can also verify whether your matric certificate is authentic or not. Your matric certificate should have the National Coat of Arms right at the top in the middle of the certificate. When held into the light you’ll be able to see a watermark of the Umalusi emblem. The certificate also has a blue and white frame around it. It has a unique barcode which matches the certificate number, which is allocated to each student. It also has a unique serial number, the numbers increase font from small to big and lastly, the Umalusi logo is at the bottom.  

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How to reprint a matric certificate
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