Afrikaans Interpreting Services

Entrust your interpretation needs to a company that is conversant in all types of interpreting services and approaches each assignment with ethnic sensitivity, compassion and respect for those with whom they work. Our agency will respond effectively and quickly to your Afrikaans Interpretation needs-whether its Afrikaans online translation or in person interpretation services.

An interpreter is a person who converts one language into another orally. The term “interpreter” is often confused with or interchanged for “translator”, however the terms are actually not interchangeable. A translator is someone who converts written language from one to another; translators do not work in the spoken word

Afrikaans translations Language Services provides high-quality simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in Afrikaans English. Whether you require interpretation for any event, corporate or private, we provide you with excellent interpreters, who are native in the Afrikaans speaker.

These include:

  • Administrative Hearing,
  • Conference
  • Court Interpreting
  • CCMA Hearing
  • Litigation meeting
  • Notary deeds signing

Do you require a sworn Afrikaans Interpreter?

All our Afrikaans experts are certified by the High Court of South Africa. Each of our team members were selected based on their experience, language proficiency, the quality of their work and professional credentials and is also tested in his/her language combination and field before assignment.

Our expert linguists deliver expert Afrikaans interpretation, culturally accurate and in a format that suits you and your client best:

All our estimates include travel time and travel costs, so there are no ‘hidden extras’.

Afrikaans translation Pretoria
To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.
To send more files at once you can Zip them and upload them here.